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Summer…perfect weather, drinks…and of course, perfect time for a travel and a perfect travel outfit.
I must admit, I am missing those “old” days when traveling was an opportunity to dress up. Ok, it was a time when people, in general, took a lot of time and pride into what they were wearing. Traveling was just another opportunity. Oh, yes I do miss those days.
Today we do not pay that much attention to our travel outfits. Something easy and comfy is usually the choice. And while I do miss those old days, traveling in suits is not what I had in mind.
Your traveling outfit can be all…easy, comfy and stylish. Just look at my suggestion above. Simple white tee, jogger pants and great sneakers. Nothing more comfier than that. Of course all is in the details and accessories, where a great bomber and great bag comes together to tie this all in a great package. Don’t you agree?
What do you usually wear when you travel?
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  1. June 27, 2016 / 7:58 pm

    When I’m traveling, I want to be comfy and still stylist over everything else. I usually wear jeans though and a nice warm comfy sweater because I always find that it’s so darn cold in the airplane. Love the post and the recommendations are spot on! x

    Ann-Marie |