Fur stole and burgundy color outfit ideas for women over 35.

March and May blog was created on December 19th 2014, by a fashion loving mom for the one simple reason. Even though that she loved reading fashion magazines and popular blogs, she could not relate to any of the beautiful editorials and spreads.

Hi my name is Ana and I just want to welcome you to my little space of the wide world web. And let’s face it, there is not much out there (in the fashion world) that is dedicated to hard working curvy women in the late 30s or in their 40s.

But being in your 40s and on top of that, being a plus size, according to the fashion world, should simply not have any interest in fashion whatsoever. And I do know that  women of my age and size do love fashion and do love to look good (duh). So I had a brilliant idea that  we should be more represented in the world of fashion .

All this prompted me to start my little blog with the hope that women with the same problem will find a little bit of inspiration and renew their love for fashion, beauty and all things beautiful.

So here we go. Join me on this adventure and lest’s where this journey will take us.


Ana Pejkanovic

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  1. Don Hawks
    August 1, 2017 / 4:07 pm

    I love what you are doing!
    I am over marketing and sales of multi E stores and I am in search for fashion bloggers in all markets and all shapes and sizes to promote my high heel shoes and boots. I would like to talk to you about this if you have interest in such a collaboration!
    Thank you great job and thank you for sharing

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