White Summer Dress

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Nothing better in the summer then a summer fashion and with that a white summer dress. Simple, classic and fabulous, white summer dress is a staple for this season. And no matter what is your style or your if you need it for beach or a dinner date, there is one dress that will fit all your needs.

White summer dress may be the item that embodies purity and simplicity, but it is also the item that could be a perfect canvas for all your summer dreams. You can play a with your romantic side with the ruffles and lace or imagine your beach wedding in a white flowy maxi dress (or you can just imagine your beach getaway) or play up your city chic with simple white shirt dress. Your choice, your dress. And as long it is white, you will be summer ready.

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Classic White Shirt

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Happy Friday my friends!!!

Weekend is here and I am not planing to keep you for long, We are celebrating this weekend my son and my hubby’s birthdays so it will be a busy but amazing weekend. And what better say relaxing and stylish then the classic white shirt (and ripped jeans).. So while I am busy celebrating I am hopping you are having as much fun this weekend. Enjoy and see you all on Monday. <3 View Post

7 Fashion Items You Need This Spring-Summer

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Every season (ok, for me it is an everyday urge) we are inclined to do some shopping and refresh our closets with some pieces that will make out wardrobe chick, current and of course fashionable. But sometimes seasonal shopping can be tricky (and exhausting). After all, we do not want to spend hours in stores (okay, maybe we do) and spending our hard earned money on tones of clothes when what we need is just a few key pieces that will do the trick and make our spring summer the most fashionable ever.

Actually, you only need these 7 fashion items you need to buy this spring summer and here is the list to help you speed up a process and have most fashionable spring summer ever. After all we all need to spend our time on more important things.  View Post