Boho Moments in a Day

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Boho casual outfit. Oh yes, even in the middle of the week. I mean, why not. Well maybe not these last two-three days cause the Spring is having his mood swings, but any other sunny day. Distressed denim, boho kimono and a lace up flats….and to be honest I am not just ready for the casual spring day, but I am ready for any musical festival (ok, I know Coachella is finished, but we can at least pretend).  View Post

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mothers should be celebrated every day for everything that they (we) do for everyone around them. So they deserve an amazing gift to celebrate them and show them how much do we care for them. The gift doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but it should be thoughtful. Something that she wold love. Even if it is your photo in an amazing photo frame. Or something delicate and personal like a beautiful pendant necklace with her initial engraved.

There are many options, and I do not doubt that she will love anything coming from her child, but why not surprising her with and amazing bag or those shoes that she always wanted. I know, i know, choice is hard, because we only want the best for our mothers, that is why I made this little mother’s day gift guide to help you out.

And if you do not find anything on the list above, in the widget section you can find some more options for you. And do not forget to shower your mother in kisses and hugs. You will make her extremely happy.

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Denim Trend Overload

Denim Is the way of life


Wearing denim is a big part of our everyday life. I mean, I can bet you cannot even imagine not having your favourite jeans. I am right, am I? So rejoice, this season denim trend is in a full swing. Denim is everywhere and this time it is not just covering for your but.

Denim bags, denim shoes, denim dresses….even a denim swimsuit is a go. So let yourself go and embrace the trend.  Just look at some of these recommendations and you will understand why it is such a big hit this season.

Current / Elliott Kimono printed denim jacket 

Madewell belted denim shirt dress

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sloane Large Patchwork Denim bag

Frame Denim Le Panel Denim Skirt 

Jimmy Choo Vernie Tie Up Denim Sandals

Lisa Marie Fernandez  Stretch Denim Swimsuit 

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5 Shoes You Need for Spring Summer


Hi guys, sorry for being totally MIA, but life sometimes happens, and I ended a little bit a break to release all the stress, but I am back so stay posted.

Spring will arrive eventually (Mother Nature is still debating on that one), but until we wait for it, it is time to discuss some serious matters….SHOES. To be precise, we need to discuss 5 shoes you need for Spring Summer. After all, we all shoes are for women what football (soccer, hockey) is for men, and we need to be fully prepared and ready for the new fashion season. 🙂  View Post