13 Items Every Woman Should Own

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Hello my friends, and welcome to the 13 items every woman should own post.

Yes, you probably read similar posts (or articles in the magazines), with a suggestion of classic items like trench coat, leather jacket, etc. And yes, those are all items that should be in every woman closet, but on this list beside clothing items (there will be a few), are some items that are equally classic in nature (hence the need for you to have them), but are not necessary items you think about as a must haves, but trust me, they are.  View Post

Romantic Date Night Outfit

Love is in the air


Ah, the love is in the air…yes it is. Or at least it should be. 😉

Valentine’s Day is around the corner so having some romantic date night outfit is “really” important. Right? Right!

If you saw my previous date night outfit (of course you did) you know that I suggested something classic but edgy. So for this time, as you can see I went with the full force romantics.

And yes, I know, red for Valentine’s Day…so groundbreaking!!! But what can I say, for me Valentine’s Day without a little bit of red is like eating a cake without frosting. Am I right, or am I right?

So as you can see, find some fabulous classic red dress and spice it up with some fabulous accessories ( i love the word fabulous if you did not noticed). Bling it up girls!!!

And of course…have a fabulous Valentine’s Day filled with love and joy!!

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