March and May is 1!!!

First blog birthday

Hello my friends,

I am back from my vacation, and I must have left my brain in Cuba because I totally spaced out that the March and May had a birthday on the 19th. First birthday to be precise. Yes, yes, I know,  I feel like a bad mother who forgot her child’s birthday, but what can I say…I guess I am getting old…or we can blame it to my still on vacation mode brane. Yes, we will do that.

Anyhow, March and May is 1 and I am so grateful to have this little space of the web to share it with you. Thank you all for all your support in the past year. I hope we will spend many more years to come together. So let’s celebrate first year, and wish for many more to come. Cheers. Love you all.


Long Vest in the Snow

Long west outfit for curvy women over 35

And here it is….snow!!! But luckily for me since the snow fall, temperatures are up in pluses, so it is not that bad (and we are hoping for some huge melting in the near future). So I pulled out my long vest for some fun outfit in the snow (at least I thought it was fun, but my son thought I look like an a detective).  View Post