March and May is 1!!!

First blog birthday

Hello my friends,

I am back from my vacation, and I must have left my brain in Cuba because I totally spaced out that the March and May had a birthday on the 19th. First birthday to be precise. Yes, yes, I know,  I feel like a bad mother who forgot her child’s birthday, but what can I say…I guess I am getting old…or we can blame it to my still on vacation mode brane. Yes, we will do that.

Anyhow, March and May is 1 and I am so grateful to have this little space of the web to share it with you. Thank you all for all your support in the past year. I hope we will spend many more years to come together. So let’s celebrate first year, and wish for many more to come. Cheers. Love you all.


November Favourite: Garance Dore Love x Style x Life

Garance Dore Love x Style x Life book

It is time for another monthly favourites post, but this time I decided to change things a bit and do (from now on) things little bit differently. I am not a person who buys tons of products every month just to try them on and move to the new thing. When I try something and I like it I usually use it for the next couple of months or even for longer time (so you can believe me if I recommend something that it is a thing that I really love and do use).  View Post