Wide Leg Pants + Oversized Coat

wide leg pants, oversized coat, Zara bag, curvy fashion blogger for women over 35

Thank God for oversized clothes, wide leg pants (especially  those ones with elastic bands) because after all those holidays (two Christmases, New Year, and a bunch of birthdays and family dinners) and a huge amount of food…khm…well, let’s just say that trying to fit into my clothes got a little bit harder.

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5 Minute Makeup for Everyday



5 minute makeup for everyday, curvy fashion blogger for women over 35,

So here is my first EVER makeup tutorial…

Being a mom, wife, blogger, etc. means that life can get quite busy, and no matter how much do I love makeup and dolling up…sometimes it is just not the option. You know those moments when you rushing in the mornings just trying to get out of the door, everyone is screaming your name and by the time you get everyone else ready….you end up driving your kids to school in your PJ’s and with no makeup.

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