Off the Shoulder Dress

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Off the shoulder dress (or a blouse) is this season’s sexiest trend. And for all the right reasons. It is a piece of clothing  that at the same time shows enough skin to be seductive and on the other hand it it is still so stylish and unprovocative.  Continue reading

Classic White Shirt

Classic white shirt, ripped jeans, distressed denim, Jimmy Choo, Lane Bryant, plus size, curvy fashion blogger for women over 35,

Happy Friday my friends!!!

Weekend is here and I am not planing to keep you for long, We are celebrating this weekend my son and my hubby’s birthdays so it will be a busy but amazing weekend. And what better say relaxing and stylish then the classic white shirt (and ripped jeans).. So while I am busy celebrating I am hopping you are having as much fun this weekend. Enjoy and see you all on Monday. <3 Continue reading